The Power of Mind

The Power of Mind

The power of mind is what brought my life back after my spinal cord injury 8 years ago.

At the beginning of my injury, doctors said I would never walk again, since increased muscle tone is untreatable and that I would always depend on help of other people to perform even basic daily tasks. Following that everyone told me that I would have to accept my disability, so it is better for me to find a different path in life and that I should accept the reality that I would never be able to do the sports I loved again. I have never accepted that reality and even in the most difficult moments I have tried to keep positive thoughts to help me get back on my feet and to bring back everything this injury took away from me.

I was a top athlete all my childhood with many great achievements, so I never could imagine my life without being in the move. I decided with all my heart that I am going to try every possible treatment available and invent the new way myself, if necessary, just to be able to be “me” again. Since physical therapists have helped me a lot on this rehabilitation journey, I was constantly figuring out new methods how to help myself to achieve my goals. I was looking for new alternatives how I could perform the stretching to regain mobility myself without depending on help of therapists or help of my parents. I searched for all possible stretching devices on the planet, but couldn´t find the one that would truly enable me to make progress.

So, I just realised I need to make my own device.

Since I come from a family that runs business in field of production, automation and digitization, the idea of ​​making a stretching machine soon became a reality. Prototype of stretching machine has helped me tremendously on my journey back on my feet. If the stretching machine helped me in this revolutionary way, it became obvious, that it can help all the people with similar injuries around the world.

I created a project team, I started to cooperate with University Medical Centre Maribor, I connected with professionals from different fields, which have helped to make my REMOTION ™ device available worldwide under brand name TIIMSON®.

It is the same device that got me back “in motion” after my injury and enabled me to become what I am today. This path that I never imagined I would need to step on, was extremely hard, but it´s all worth it. I started walking again, then I started running again. Today I run marathons, I ski, I ride a motorbike. I can participate again in all the sports I loved all my life.

I am grateful that I am. I am grateful for all the support of my family, friends and amazing TIIMSON® team has given me, and I would like to inspire all the people around the world with similar injuries. I am convinced REMOTION™ 1 could help you as it helped me.

The right mindset and determination, makes miracles possible against all odds.

I am truly excited to see you making progress on your rehabilitation journey or improving your sporting performance.


Tim Marovt