Our Story

My name is Tim Marovt, I am the driving force, initiator, and creator of TIIMSON® brand and my first leg stretching rehabilitation device REMOTION™ 1.

My story behind the TIIMSON® brand started in 2014 when I was 12 years old, and my life changed in a blink of an eye with spinal cord injury. Doctors told me I would never be able to walk again.

As a young boy full of energy, a top promising athlete, always on the move, I stepped on a surfboard in Hawaii to try myself also in this sport. A fate I could never have imagined in my worst nightmare has befallen me. I landed in a wheelchair with official diagnosis surfer´s myelopathy, a mysterious injury that happened to only about 20 other people and I was the youngest one. There was no answer why. There was no medicine, no surgery. All the doctors I have visited in my never-ending quest of finding a solution for my condition said the same: “You will never walk again, get used to wheelchair”.

The more time has passed, the more I could not accept this reality, and one day I just decided with all my heart that I will walk again. That was the start of a new life for me – a new fight to regain the ability to walk. My only goal was to get out of the wheelchair and stand on my feet to live a normal life as a child and teenager. Physiotherapy, self-exercise and my own will were the only tools available to reach the goal. My working day has turned into training.

The first breakthrough came when I was able to move a toe, this encouraged me to continue with my methods. After a while I was able to move legs slightly and to stand with help of support. It took a lot of effort to make a very first step and once this happened, I knew I could make more and more steps. With each workout there were more steps I could take.

But after every night came the morning and the crampy legs due to increased muscle tone. I couldn’t start walking and training until I stretched my muscles. Every other exercise I made, was also impossible without stretching and relaxing hamstring muscles. If I didn’t have somebody to help, I couldn’t stretch myself, so I asked my parents to stretch me three times a day. I watched the physiotherapists while they were stretching my leg muscles before we started with other exercises. It was such a routine task for them, and I always imagined that some device could do it instead, which would allow me to do that by myself and stick to my own methods. Only with such a device I could be independent and take control of my own progress in the entire rehabilitation process.