Leg Stretching Device – REMOTION 1

TIIMSON® REMOTION™ 1 is the result of the most advanced technologies available combined with latest medical findings and firsthand experience of the initiator Tim Marovt, who successfully healed its own injury with help of this device.

TIIMSON® REMOTION 1™ is world´s first electric automated sensor-controlled leg stretching device. It solves the problem of muscle spasms in the lower limbs that occur after different types of injuries, before and after sport activities. It also helps all people that want to gain leg strength, avoid tired legs, and maintain leg muscles flexibility.

This unique stretching device has been developed and patented by young entrepreneur and athlete Tim Marovt and his dedicated team. Tim has suffered spinal cord injury at age of 12 when he ended up on a wheelchair and was told he will never be able to walk again. His vision, strong will and determination to defy this medical condition to be able to walk again, helped him achieve almost impossible. Today Tim is 20 years old, and he walks again, runs marathons, skis, rides a motorbike and is still improving every day. One of the most important things in his process of recovery was a device he created for himself to help him achieve his goal to walk again. This device has been then upgraded and further improved with support of engineers, psychiatric professionals for rehabilitation and top scientists of Medical University that also vigorously tested device for commercialisation.

Tim is dedicating his life to find the most efficient ways of rehabilitation and with leg stretching device – REMOTION ™ 1 he made a breakthrough that can improve lives of millions of people around the globe.